Stevie Murray writes about her Race

The Wild Coast Race. The vast remoteness, the challenges of terrain, the demand on your mind and body are all unparalleled; and I have done the Mongol Derby. I cannot talk about one without comparing it to the other, even though the races are quite different and unrelated besides their embodiement of great physical and mental challenges coupled with equine transport (if terrain and horse allow).

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Sarah Cuthbertson – The Downsides of Leading

Throughout Race the Wild Coast, Sam, Monde and I led the group and we eventually duelled it out in a 500m sprint for the glory at the finish line. While it was very exciting to call myself a “leader” or “winner”, this race was more about the adventure than a win. If you are considering entering and expect to win, here are some of the things you will miss out on or quirks you can expect in your adventure.

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Brent Albuino Writes About His Race

The riders pour off the trailer trying to pretend everything’s going to be ok and we’ve all got our shit together and this epic race sorted! I’m nervous but I’m hung over just enough to not care so much if I drown at the first river crossing…. The crew is tramping through the sand dunes to bring us our first horses. As we await I remind Maudes that being the inaugural riders for this crazy shit I feel like a bit of a Guinea Pig…

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