This race is epic and the landscape unbelievably beautiful but incredibly tough! The hills are so steep we had to zig-zag walk down and I still fell on my butt. We waded or swam about 25 rivers, got stuck under trees, got lost and went bush whacking, galloped across sandy bays, trotted along the narrowest cow paths on the planet with vertical drop offs to the ocean on your left and near vertical climbs up on your right. “I´m re-starting my GPS, no way are we supposed to lead our horses down THIS death trap!“
Sometimes I just closed my eyes. Would I do it again? Yes, in a heartbeat!
— Katja Joachim, GER

When you’ve done the Mongol Derby you get to thinking that nothing will ever compare again; I was wrong. Race the Wild Coast is far more technically and physically challenging and the hectic but breathtaking terrain is no comparison. I have never experienced such remote and enchanting beauty in all my life. From shell strewn beaches covered only in horse hoofprints to shining waves crashing against cliff sides as dolphins and whales play within them, to tropical hillsides drenched in green, the Wild Coast will easily be the most beautiful place you’ve ever ridden.
— Stevie Murray, USA
It’s 3am.. the chafe is keeping me awake, everything is damp, I’m freezing, I’ve been soaked for 3 days and there’s water dripping from the tent.. Trying to sleep in my sleeping bag is like putting on wet socks early on a cold morning.. something I’ll have to deal with in a couple of hours’ time…
This is Race the Wild Coast South Africa! It’s hard, it’s brutal, it’s mentally draining, its soaking wet and it’s the most amazing, mind blowing, stupidly great thing I’ve done in a bloody long time!!!
— Brent Albuino, AUS
The SCENERY is worth the trip itself, but the thrill of racing and the self discovery when tackling the challenges in a race environment are totally different and worth it too! Its amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it!
— Sarah Cuthbertson, Canada
Two crazy men in South Africa had a dream to create the ultimate test for man & beast: a 350km horse race down the Wild Coast, swimming the mighty Mthatha & Mbashe Rivers amongst many others, scaling and descending brutally steep hills & racing the endless sandy beaches. We followed their dream to see if it was even possible. You should too!
— Chris Maude, UK