• Total distance: 350 kilometres.

  • A multi stage format including: dawn start and dusk cut-off, compulsory holds for tide affected river crossings and timed releases.

  • Each rider has a team of 3 horses provided by a South African stud.

  • There will be two horse changes at prescribed points: 123km and 209km into the race respectively.

  • Each stage ends with a vet check for the horses (approximately every 40km). A rider may only continue without penalty if their horse passes the vet check.

  • A recommended track with alternative routes or simply a stage destination, dependent on the terrain, will be provided on GPS to aid navigation. There will be no route markings on the ground.

  • The race window is a total of 5 days with the organisers expecting the winner to finish early on the fourth day.

  • This race will be a complex combination of endurance, horsemanship, navigation, strategy and what Mother Nature throws at you!




  • The Wild Coast on the eastern seaboard of South Africa, from Port Edward to Kei Mouth.

  • Competitors will be transferred from Durban’s King Shaka International Airport and fly out of East London Airport at the conclusion of the race.




  • Race dates are 19-27 October 2019

  • Pre-Race training is for 2 days prior to the race. The race is run over 5 days. Riders depart on the day following the race.

  • Competitors transfer from Durban to the start camp on the day before pre race training for a race briefing followed by two days of pre race training that involves meeting their horses and back up teams, kit and tack testing, horse orientation (including practice swimming rivers) and team strategy discussions.

  • The race starts at 09h00 on the appointed day, with a five-day window to complete the race.

  • There will be a prize giving and spectacular celebration on the evening of the final race day, and on the following day our brave adventurers begin their journey homeward.




  • The adventure format of the race requires real horsemanship skills, experience riding long distances and competence in operating a GPS; the critical aid to navigating in this landscape.

  • Riders will need to be physically fit, confident swimmers and be comfortable in the wilderness, alone and self sufficient.

  • Riders must complete an application form, including details of their qualifications to compete in the race. Acceptance of applications will be at the discretion of the organisers.




  • Pricing: ZAR 105,000.00

  • The price includes all food, accommodation, horses, support crew, tack and transfers (from pick up in Durban to drop off in East London).




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