Rider Bios

Jamey Altman – Rider Bio - American – 40

A life long cattleman who has traditionally utilized his horses to manage their cattle herd & farm, Jamey recently has a new found passion for fox hunting in the heart of prime hunt country in Virginia and has been honored to assist the Huntsmen of Bull Run Hunt as a Whipper-In. Whipping has broadened his horsemanship skills and given him an appreciation for riding across varying terrain in varying weather for long periods of time. Avidly searching for better methods to start their young performance horses has kept him intensely studying the horsemanship masters from around the world and continues to remind him of how much there is yet to be learned about himself and his equine partners. A 40 year old former Marine, diver, surfer and pilot with a passionate drive for chasing the illusive and overcoming challenges. Jamey is more than excited to begin this journey to test his skills.